4 Mobile Food-Truck Repairs to Avoid Through Maintenance

Posted on: 21 September 2016


If you're in business for yourself and own a food truck, you will want to avoid certain situations. Being a mobile company means that all your profits will depend on preventing breakdowns from occurring. The most effective way to make this happen is getting your food truck serviced as necessary. This can be extremely helpful in keeping it running as it should and allowing you to continue to make a profit. 

Check the Freon

Keeping your food items cool at all times is crucial to avoiding potential issues that can occur. You will want all of your food to be fresh and free of any bacteria, and this means having an air conditioner that works properly.

Taking the time periodically to check the Freon in your air conditioner will better ensure this is not a concern for you to have to worry about and will keep your truck moving.

Change the oil

Making sure your engine runs well and has fresh oil can severely lessen the possibility of damage to your motor. It's in your best interest to review the owner's manual to determine how frequently you should do this.

Check the brakes

You're sure to be doing a lot of stopping when you operate a food truck. Going to different events and venues may cause you to go through a lot of traffic signs and lights to get there.

You will want to check the brakes on your mobile truck often and especially if there are any warning signs, such as squealing noises that are the first indication that your brake pads are worn.

Check the fluids

Keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition will require keeping a consistent check on the fluids that it uses. Listed below are some of the top ones to consider.

1. Transmission – This component will change the gears of your vehicle and ensuring you have transmission fluid in it will reduce the need for expensive repairs.

2. Power steering – Being able to steer with ease is essential, and you should check the power-steering fluid.

3. Radiator – Preventing your truck from overheating is critical, and this will require you to keep a check on the fluid in your radiator.

Being sure to keep your food truck moving will allow you to make the sales you need to do so. Take the time to schedule an appointment with your truck repair shop today!