How You Can Replace The Gasket On The Transmission Pan On Your 2000-06 Chevy Suburban SUV

Posted on: 16 September 2016


Leaks can form in the gasket around the transmission pan and the loss of transmission fluid can severely damage your transmission parts. You need to replace the gasket around the pan as soon as possible. This is a job a mechanically-inclined car owner can do by themselves in an afternoon. If the gasket is leaking around the transmission pan, here is how you can replace it.

Raise Vehicle

You will need to crawl under the center of the car to reach the transmission pan. You can make this easier by raising the car with a floor jack and then put a jack stand under the axle area by both front wheels. This will give you a little extra room to maneuver around under the Suburban.

Drop the Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust pipe runs underneath the transmission pan and will need to be loosened so you can slide the pan out over the top of the pipe. There are two sections of the exhaust pipe on both sides of the pan. Remove the two 15mm bolts holding each section of the exhaust pipe to the engine. The exhaust pipe will now drop down enough so you have enough wiggle room to get the pan out.

Drain Transmission

You need to drain the transmission fluid from the Suburban to avoid having a major mess on your hands. The transmission drain plug also takes a 15mm socket and ratchet to remove. Place a catch basin underneath the drain plug to catch the fluid and remove the nut. Replace the drain plug nut after the fluid drains out.

Remove Pan

There are a series of 13mm bolts all around the perimeter of the transmission pan. You will need an extension ratchet and a swivel to reach and remove all the bolts. Take all the bolts out and put them in a jar for safe keeping.

Tap on the pan with a rubber mallet to loosen it. There is a shift cable for the vehicle that runs right along one edge of the transmission pan. You will need to use a small pry bar to push the cable to the side to give you enough room to drop the pan. Push the cable aside and drop the pan.

Remove Old Gasket

Lift up on the gasket to take it off of the top of the transmission pan. Some material might stick to the top of the pan and you'll need to scrap it off with a putty knife. You also need to make sure any material stuck to the bottom of the transmission is removed. Make sure all of the gasket material is removed from both the top of the pan and the bottom of the transmission.

Install New Gasket

Place the new gasket on top of the transmission pan. Slide a couple of the bolts up through the pan and gasket. The gasket will hold the bolts in the holes on the pan.

Replace Pan

Slide the pan back in place underneath the transmission. You will have to move the shift cable with the pry bar again to make enough room, and bolt the pan back in place. Screw the exhaust pipes back into position.

Replace the transmission fluid to finish the job.