4 Reasons to Get a Smaller RV

Posted on: 12 September 2016


When looking at the RVs for sale on a dealer's lot, it's easy to become enamored with the largest RV available. After all, big RVs have more space to spread out in, can sleep more people, and often have more features. You may not want to get the largest RV you can afford, though. Smaller RVs have their own advantages. Here are four reasons why you should consider getting a smaller RV.

Smaller RVs Are Easier to Drive

Smaller RVs are easier to drive than big ones. If you haven't previously driven anything except a car, driving a huge RV could be stressful. Getting a shorter one would be a little less stressful, as you'd be able to make turns and back up easier.

Even if you have experience driving large vehicles, you may still want a small RV. Large RVs will do fine on open, straight highways. They may have trouble getting around in cities, where parallel-parked cars take up space on the street, and on curvy, narrow mountain roads.

Smaller RVs Fit in More Campsites

Having a smaller RV will also increase the number of places you can go camping, as some campgrounds don't have sites large enough for today's biggest RVs. This is an especially important consideration if you want to spend much of your time camping at state and national campgrounds. According to RVShare, you should get an RV that's no longer than 35 feet if you plan on going to public campgrounds.

Smaller RVs Save Fuel

Smaller RVs, because they weigh less, will use less fuel than larger RVs. If you plan on taking long road trips, even a difference of just 1 mile per gallon can add up as you go hundreds or thousands of miles.

Smaller RVs Are Less Expensive

Smaller RVs often cost less than big ones for two reasons. First, smaller RVs don't require as many materials to build them. Second, they often also don't have as many amenities and features, which increase the price of an RV.

Purchasing a less expensive, smaller model won't just save you money up front. If you're taking out a loan for the RV, it can also help you save on the terms of the loan. You may be able to lower your monthly payment, save on interest, or shorten the terms of the loan because you don't need to borrow as much as you would for a bigger RV.

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