3 Things You Should Be Looking For In Your Brakes

Posted on: 6 September 2016


The brakes of your car are one of the most important features. If your brakes aren't working properly you could easily endanger yourself and everyone around you. Think how devastating it would be if the brakes on your car were to give out while you are driving. This is why it is so important that you know the signs that your brakes are failing so that you can fix the problem before it becomes severe. Here are some signs.

1. Your Car Doesn't Respond Quickly When You Press On The Brakes

When you buy a brand new car, you might notice that the brakes are incredibly sensitive. Just tapping on them the slightest bit will produce a jolted stop. Over time the brakes will wear in and you won't have to worry about the car jolting on you, however, the car shouldn't be unresponsive either.

When you press on the brakes you should be looking for quick results. You shouldn't have to slam down, or pump the brakes to get the car to stop. If this is the case for you, then you have a problem and the brakes are on their way out.

2. The Car Seems To Grind When You Press On The Brakes

Another sign that your brakes are having a problem is that the car feels like it is grinding when you press down on the brakes. It might feel like metal is grinding on metal, and even though the car is responsive when you brake, it makes a loud noise.

This is a dangerous problem. It could mean that your brake pads are no longer working and the brakes are grinding on the car, and eventually may stop working. This can cause long-term damage to the car, in addition to compromising the safety of those in the vehicle.

3. The Car Pulls To One Side When You Brake

Lastly, your car shouldn't be pulling to either side when you brake. It should stay completely straight. If the car is pulling to the side, it means that there is only one brake that is properly working. The other side has already given out. This is very concerning seeing that if you put that much stress on your single brake it is bound to give out too.

If you notice any of these problems with your brakes you should get it attended to right away. Ignoring problems with your brakes is incredibly dangerous. Contact an expert in brake repair, like one from Eagle Automotive & Wrecker Service.