Different Semi-Trucks to Invest in for Your Mechanic School

Posted on: 21 July 2016


If you own or help operate a school for truck mechanics, you may need to start with simulation learning and book learning before you move on to the hands-on education. For your higher-level truck-mechanics classes, learning how to fix semi-trucks is a usable skill. Knowing how to fix a semi-truck can provide an auto mechanic with more knowledge and more possible business. There are also trucking companies that will hire on-staff mechanics to maintain and keep up their company semi-trucks. If you are teaching lessons on how to fix a semi, you will need to find some used semi-trucks for sale. Here are some different trucks to purchase to teach your class with. You can also look on the sites of companies such as Arrow Truck Sales to see what trucks might be available to you. 

A working semi and an out-of-commission truck

Having a working semi and a non-working semi makes for the perfect learning method. You can have your students work on the non-working semi motor and figure out the issue with the non-working semi. Even if the non-working semi cannot be fixed, the motors and other systems can be used to show what can go wrong with a truck and how to identify and resolve these issues. Knowing what can go wrong will help with the application of figuring out how to perform diagnostic and other issues with semi-trucks.

Trucks that need tune-ups

Semi-trucks will often need to be tuned up in order to maintain their ability to drive long distances. Since trucks are often used for long distance hauls, this means that check-ups and tune-ups need to happen frequently and on schedule. Have trucks available that have several hundred thousand miles on them and could use a tune-up. Teach your students how to perform a tune-up using up-to-date technology on semi-trucks of different sizes. Tune-ups may require some of the same operations as a regular car, but learning to work on a larger diesel engine will require more skill. Learning these skills can make for a more prepared mechanic. 

Several-year-old trucks versus decades-old trucks

Some companies and truckers will drive semi-trucks that are only a few years old while others may not change out trucks until their old ones break down. To properly prepare your students for the differences in new and old semi technology, have a used semi-truck that is only a few years old to compare to a diesel truck that is more than ten years old. Learning the differences in the tools and technology necessary to care for older and newer trucks means that your mechanics will feel skilled enough to work with many trucking companies.